Tips For Your Foundation

The foundation for your home is the most important part.  If you have a weak foundation, an uneven foundation or if your foundation has any imperfections whatsoever, then the rest of your structure will not be correct leading to a total redo of the project.  This is why when pouring your house foundation you want everything to be done right the first time.


The main thing that has to happen is that your foundation needs to start with a level surface and grade.  If you are not level, then everything else you try to do won’t be level.  Many inexperienced contractors will tell you that adding additional materials, building off center or other tricks like this will help fix the level issue.  They are wrong.  No matter what you do, if you are not level then nothing can be fixed.

house foundation

Proper materials

When building your foundations, you want to use the proper materials.  The proper mixture of water and materials is important.  If you use too much material, then your end result will be too high.  If you use too little your end result will be too low.  Learning simple math and knowing how much of your materials will fit into that square footage will determine the type and amount of materials to use.


Experience is key.  If you work with people that have experience, then they will be able to spot issues that arise.  However, if you work with unexperienced workers then they will believe what they are doing is correct since they don’t have the skills or training.  Before hiring anyone to do your just ask them what their experience level is and do your homework and research to verify this information.

Making the right decisions

It is vital that you make the right decisions from the start.  If you just make a decision on price or other factors without knowing all of the details, you could be making a bad decision.  That decision could end up costing you more than you originally bargained for.